Changan and Haima Chinese cars and South Korea’s SsangYong cars to be manufactured in Brazil          Portuguese-Brazilian insurer plans to launch direct operations in Angola          Year-on-year inflation in Macau falls to 5.69 pct in September          Macau International Fair generates estimated US$687.5 million in business          Cape Verdean economy expected to post 5 pct growth in 2013          Mozambican state expenditure totals US$6 billion in 2013

The economics of China and Portuguese speaking countries are strongly complementary. The exploitation of resource projects, the fundamental construction and the engineering contracting of Portuguese speaking countries provides many opportunities of "going out" for the companies in China. However, in order to obtain the desired investment results, effort in integrating of resources is a must because the long distance and the barriers of languages, history, culture and law between China and Portuguese speaking countries. Thus, SinoVenture is an ideal partner for your business and investment in Portuguese speaking countries. We provide services in investment consulting, investment management investment and trade.

Actually, we have carried out many investment projects in China, Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique and China Macau. On the other hand, we provide services such as investment consulting, equipment renting and project management for many companies in China. Our investment includes many industry such as mining, agriculture, renewable energy, culture industry, project contracting and commercial real estate. We also involve in the international trade of iron ore, coal, agricultural products, solar energy water heater, electronic and mechanical products.