Changan and Haima Chinese cars and South Korea’s SsangYong cars to be manufactured in Brazil          Portuguese-Brazilian insurer plans to launch direct operations in Angola          Year-on-year inflation in Macau falls to 5.69 pct in September          Macau International Fair generates estimated US$687.5 million in business          Cape Verdean economy expected to post 5 pct growth in 2013          Mozambican state expenditure totals US$6 billion in 2013

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Porto Murdeira will be the biggest tourism development in Sal Island, because of its capacity and its large surface, but also because of its equipments and services.

The environment and the beautiful landscapes add value and potential to the project, whose main attractions are the protected areas and the Murdeira beach, which the marine turtles use to lay their eggs.

Porto Murdeira is an undisclosed bid on “Sustainable Development”. The urban plan and concepts will be consistent with the legal framework, the natural conservation, the impact mitigation, the renewable energy and the optimal integration with the environment.