Changan and Haima Chinese cars and South Korea’s SsangYong cars to be manufactured in Brazil          Portuguese-Brazilian insurer plans to launch direct operations in Angola          Year-on-year inflation in Macau falls to 5.69 pct in September          Macau International Fair generates estimated US$687.5 million in business          Cape Verdean economy expected to post 5 pct growth in 2013          Mozambican state expenditure totals US$6 billion in 2013

The founder of SinoVenture is the former President of a prestigious trade and investment promotion government agency in Asia, position held for more than 10 years, establishing a pioneer endeavor on the Sino-Luso economic relations.

Despite Sinoventure being a newly established company, it already has an extensive network of contacts in politics and business spheres, which extends over four continents, and among countries that have a common language and linked by history and cultural roots: South America (Brazil), Europe (Portugal), Africa (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Principe) and Southeast Asia (East Timor).