Changan and Haima Chinese cars and South Korea’s SsangYong cars to be manufactured in Brazil          Portuguese-Brazilian insurer plans to launch direct operations in Angola          Year-on-year inflation in Macau falls to 5.69 pct in September          Macau International Fair generates estimated US$687.5 million in business          Cape Verdean economy expected to post 5 pct growth in 2013          Mozambican state expenditure totals US$6 billion in 2013

Economic and trade cooperation between China and the Portuguese speaking countries has a bright prospect. Lusophone countries are distributed in four continents and belong to the European Union, the Common Market of the South, Southern African Development Community and Economic Community of West African States respectively. They are not only having ample natural resources, but also have a consumer market with more than 220 million people.

According to official figures from the General Administration of Customs of China, trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries reached 86,427 million U.S. dollars from January to September 2011. In these first three quarters of the year, there was an increase of 26, 69%. In the period of nine months, exports of goods to China amounted to 57,681 million U.S. dollars. Imports reached about 28,809 million dollars.